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Photo of the Week: Miami Surf…on the Gold Coast

A beautiful day on the Gold Coast

Walking down onto Miami Beach.

Last weekend, Brisbane’s Travel Massive took a road trip down to the Gold Coast for a Friday night meetup. We had a great turnout, with over 60 people showing up to the Surfers Paradise Hilton for a fun night out. Because we were expecting a late night, I stayed with the awesome Kirsty rather than driving back up to Brisbane that night.

The next morning, the dreary rain from Friday had completely cleared and it was a bit cool but beautiful. My plan was to head to the Broadbeach Blues Festival, but I couldn’t help but stop at Miami Beach on the way north. I’ve always enjoyed the beaches on the Gold Coast, and this was no exception. The sand crunched under my feet as I strolled along the sparsely populated beach, watching the surfers catch waves just offshore. Even though it was May, the water felt almost warm on my legs and I found myself wishing I’d brought my swimsuit. I even took off my knee brace so I could wade a bit deeper (although that turned out to be a mistake, given how sore my knee was the next day)!

Overall, it was a perfect start to the weekend. And no, I never did make it to the Blues Festival!

Here are a few other shots from my beach stroll:

Heading out for a surfAwesome cloudsClear waterCatching a waveMermaid Beach

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