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Why Work With Me?

Travel bloggers are able to provide content in a much more timely manner than traditional media without compromising on quality. They are followed by an engaged audience that trusts what their favourite bloggers have to say, and who are very often influenced by what they’ve read when it comes to planning their own travel adventures.

I pride myself in the quality of content on my blog. Along with entertaining stories, informative articles about destinations, and product reviews, I showcase my professional-level photography in every post. Since I am always looking for a different angle on every shot, I feel like I see destinations in a very different way than I would have otherwise. This, in turn, lets me show sights to my readers in a new light.

As the tagline for A Pair of Boots and a Backpack shows, I’m always up for an adventure. I jump at nearly every opportunity I’m offered to try something new and different, not only because I enjoy doing it, but because it makes for unique content for my readers. This means that my partners are able to benefit from coverage of both mainstream activities and those that are a little off the beaten track. A few of the challenges I’ve taken on in the past include:

  • Moving to Australia as soon as I graduated from university. I am now an Australian citizen;
  • Doing the Three Peaks Challenge (climbing the tallest mountains in Wales, England, and Scotland in 36 hours) with the Meningitis Trust, raising £500 in the process;
  • Immersing myself in the New Zealand backcountry by doing 6 overnight hikes (which included 4 of the “Great Walks”);
  • Snowmobiling, dogsledding, hovercrafting, cross-country skiing, and hiking my way across Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish Lapland in an amazing month-long journey

Working Together

I am interested in forming relationships with travel and expat-related companies. I can help you to promote your brand to my readers, and in exchange I get great content for my website. Possible partnership opportunities include travel gear reviews, adventure activity reviews, and press trips, and I am happy to discuss both short-term and long-term arrangements.

Please note that I put my readers first and foremost. This means that:

  • I will only accept partnerships with companies that are in line with the interests of those that read my blog (sorry, no posts about retiring in Asia here).
  • I will always be completely honest about my experiences (whether they be good or bad). It is crucially important that my readers know I am always telling them exactly how it is, so they know what the trip they are planning may be like.
  • All sponsored content will be disclosed as such in the footer of any post that discusses it.

In addition to blog content, I can also offer software design-related services. As a software engineer with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and 5 years of experience working in the software industry, I am happy to discuss opportunities for developing travel-related web apps or software.

Audience Profile

A Pair of Boots and a Backpack targets those looking for adventure on their travels, particularly female and solo travelers. My goal is to show people that these adventures are very possible. This website provides valuable information to those that are considering adventure travel and inspires those that may not have thought it an option otherwise — especially those that are, like me, prone to just a little bit of clumsiness.

A significant subsection of my audience visits to learn more about expat life, particularly expat life in Australia. A large portion of my Asian audience visits looking for help with obtaining visas, and my post about how to stay within the guidelines of your 457 visa is one of the most popular on my site.

35% of my readers are from Australia and 22% are from the United States. Much of the rest of the readership is composed of New Zealanders, Brits, Canadians, Indians, Germans, and Finns.

I am also active on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, 500px, and many other photography-related social networks.

For more detailed audience statistics, please download my media kit.

Previous Partnerships

I have worked with various tourism organisations and companies over the last year, including a number on my self-organised press trip — A Texan in Lapland — that took me all over Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish Lapland in March 2013. Here are a few of the organisations represented:

  • Visit Finland, March 2013

    Visit Finland helped to organise the eight days I spent in Finnish Lapland during my ‘Texan in Lapland’ trip. In conjunction with Northern Lapland Tourism, Visit Rovaniemi, and Visit Kemi, I took part in nearly every adventure activity I could find — from snowmobiling across the Gulf of Bothnia to fatbiking along the river in Rovaniemi — and even slept in a room made of snow at the SnowCastle. I covered my travels in social media, in a series of blog posts, and through a series of photos for Visit Finland featuring the stunning natural landscape of the country.

  • Hotel Kakslauttanen & Hotel Kultahovi, March 2013

    I partnered with multiple hotels in Finnish Lapland. In exchange for complimentary nights in their hotels, I wrote reviews of my experiences (Dozing Off Under the Northern Lights…What Could Be Better? and Riverfront Saunas and Northern Lights at Hotel Kultahovi), which included humorous stories and a number of high-quality photos from inside and around the hotels. My photos of Hotel Kakslauttanen’s glass igloo village garnered huge interest on Instagram, with one photo garnering 575 likes.

  • Lyngsfjord Adventure, March 2013

    I participated in a series of adventure activities with Tromsø-based Lyngsfjord Adventure early in my ‘Texan in Lapland’ trip. In addition to social media coverage, I wrote a series of blog posts about all of the activities, which included dogsledding at night, sleeping in a tent when it was -20C outside, and snowmobiling through the mountains. These posts included both photos and videos of my experiences.

  • Hurtigruten, March 2013

    I traveled on Hurtigruten cruise ships twice during my ‘Texan in Lapland’ tour around the northern Norwegian coast. I experienced staying in a cabin, standing on deck in a snowstorm, sleeping on a couch in a bar, and a shore excursion to North Cape. I wrote a review that has helped Google searchers to decide whether they should get a cabin or sleep on deck and wrote additional posts about my experiences on the North Cape tour. All reviews feature photos of pristine fjord scenery and the Hurtigruten itself.

  • Wotif Tiki Tour of New Zealand, April 2012

    The main goal of this campaign was to show Australians that Canterbury is very much open for business after the Christchurch earthquakes. To do this, I blogged throughout the entire trip at http://www.wotifblog.com, producing 26 blog entries with accompanying photos during the nine days as well as 7 entries and a video following the trip.

Contact Me

Please email me at kristin [at] bootsandabackpack.com or by using the form below if you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss forming a partnership.

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