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From almost as soon as I set foot on Canadian soil, I couldn’t believe it had taken me 28 years to visit. I spent my entire trip with my jaw hanging open at the spectacular scenery that got better at every turn…and at the myriad wildlife that seemed perfectly happy to pose for snap-happy tourists. It better not take me another 28 years to go back!

My time in Croatia was one of the most memorable weeks of my time in Europe. Gorgeous mountains plunging into a sea so clear that you could see just as well underneath it as above it, well-preserved medieval towns to wander through, and a crazy nightclub scene all make this a country well worth visiting.

England has always been a very special place for me; my mother is British, my grandparents still live there, and I made my first trip there at 6 months old. I’ve been lucky to go back 15 times since then, every time visiting the lovely Cleethorpes, most times visiting London, and always finding somewhere interesting in between.

When I originally sang along with the Pythons (“Finland Finland Finland, the country where I want to be”) I didn’t realise how much I’d come to agree with that sentiment. My trip to Lapland in winter was one of the most memorable experiences in my life, and I can’t wait to go back and see it in other seasons as well — especially if it coincides with the semi-annual reindeer herding!

When I first visited France as a 7-year-old, I was introduced to the French national pastime of striking. Luckily, on my second visit 21 years later, I was able to experience a bit more of what the country and its famous capital have to offer.

Germany really surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my visit there, but I ended up very much enjoying my time there, even if I did go very much off-the-beaten-track (I didn’t make it to Berlin OR Munich).

Holland is definitely a quirky country — and I really enjoyed seeing those quirks firsthand. From watching someone texting while riding a bike with 2 kids on the back to admiring the numerous bizarre statues in Rotterdam, I had a blast during my week in the country.

Hong Kong is such a packed, frenetic city full of life, food, and of course, shopping! Macau, on the other hand, was an interesting juxtaposition between the old Portuguese way of life and the new, flashy casinos.

Every time our family went to England, I begged for us to hop across to Ireland. We finally did in 2009, and although I only got to stay for 4 days, I loved the country and can’t wait to go back and spend more time there.

Of all the places I could have gone to learn to snowboard, I’m glad I chose Japan. Where else would you see someone in an Eeyore onesie ski past you? Plus, we were able to visit Osaka and Tokyo in transit to the snow to get a taste of the craziness that is this country.

A land of Vikings, spectacular fjords, high prices, and the northern lights. Norway is where I started my Arctic tour and had the first of many ‘wow’ moments when I stepped off a ferry into the fjords of Lofoten. The people and the place were so welcoming that I’d go back in an instant…plus, there’s so many fjords I’m yet to explore!

My time in Portugal was all too fleeting — in the span of a week, I’d tasted innumerable glasses of port, cruised along the Douro River, admired many tiled facades, and seen more churches than I’d seen in the rest of my life combined…all with only knowing one word in Portuguese — “Obrigado.”

From rainforests to beaches to bioluminescent bays, Puerto Rico is everything you could possibly want in an island getaway. It’s a great introduction to Latin culture but in a place where nearly everyone speaks English too.

Nearly every time we visited my grandparents in England when I was a kid, we took a side trip to Scotland. I loved that we could visit as many castles as we wanted (and I reckon I’ve been to at least 50 by now) but I didn’t really enjoy the trips that my dad insisted on to the ‘very smelly’ distilleries!

I only had time to go to one region of Spain, and I’m glad Catalunya was that region. It’s hard to match the colour and vibrance of cities like Barcelona and Girona — and where else can you watch as a giant crowd suddenly transforms itself into a 7-story human pyramid?

My dad lived here for two years, which provided a great stopover on my way to England! Aside from those weekends, we had an awesome family Christmas here in 2010, when we pigged out on amazing Singaporean food and found out (at the top of Marina Bay Sands) that my mom is still afraid of heights.

The good old USA, where I spent the first 23 years of my life. There’s so many things that I love about the country, but then again, there’s so many things that I don’t. I miss it though, and more importantly, I miss the people there. Will I go back and live there again? Quite possibly…but maybe not in Houston this time. Do I have a great time when I visit? Absolutely.

I’ve spent some time in Wales on family trips past, but my most recent trip was much more brief yet just as memorable. That’s because I rushed in on a coach, slowly climbed Mt Snowdon, sprinted down, and then headed towards the Lake District for the next leg of the Three Peaks Challenge.

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