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Holland is definitely a quirky country — and I really enjoyed seeing those quirks firsthand. From watching someone texting while riding a bike with 2 kids on the back to admiring the numerous bizarre statues in Rotterdam, I had a blast during my week in the country.

The Liberation of Nijmegen: A Tale of Two Men

It’s always said that there are two sides to every story. In the small city of Nijmegen, near the Dutch border with Germany, I learned that no story can be so black-and-white as that. When a story involves something as awful as war, each story has so many sides, so many shades of grey that…

Abseiling Off a Perfectly Good Euromast

I stared down at my shoes, bright red splotches of colour on an otherwise monochrome rainy day. Their grip on the sloping, slick metal held — just — as I tried to steady myself. Being steady was a difficult proposition since, no matter how much I tried to focus on my shoes, I could still…

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