Bucket List

Everyone has places they’d like to see and things they’d like to do before they “kick the bucket.” This is about as close to a bucket list as I’ll get — I know it will never be complete because there will always be new things I want to try! By no means do I live by this list — it’s more of a collection of things that I’d like to do, but by and large I don’t plan trips around them (except the northern lights). Often, I find that I add more things to this list than I tick off after having been somewhere and realising all the things I missed out on!

Entering Machu Picchu

Hike the Inca Trail

See the Northern Lights

See the northern lights

Move to Australia

Move to Australia

The Southern Lights in New Zealand

See the Southern Lights

The view north from Gilman's Point at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro

Whale Shark and Diver

Go diving with whale sharks

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007

Ring in New Year’s in Sydney

Go to All 4 Grand Slams

Go to all 4 Grand Slams

Watch the northern lights from a glass igloo

Watch the northern lights from a glass igloo

Go to Disney World

Go to Disney World

Bolivian Altiplano

Learn Spanish properly in South America

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Go to Everest Base Camp in Tibet

Fireworks over Edinburgh

Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Key Summit on the Routeburn Track

Hike/boat all 9 of NZ’s ‘Great Walks’

humpback calf

Go diving with humpback whales


Go to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Go Zorbing

Go Zorbing

The Grand Prismatic and how-to video

Visit Yellowstone

Stay in the Icehotel

Stay in the Icehotel

Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

Hike the Tongariro Northern Circuit (not just the Crossing)

White Island Volcano - steaming dome

Visit White Island

Learn to Wakeboard

Learn to Wakeboard

Learn to Snowboard

Learn to Snowboard

Finish the Three Peaks Challenge

Finish the Three Peaks Challenge

Bagan Balloons ~ Myanmar (Burma)

Go Hot Air Ballooning

La Tomatina

Participate in La Tomatina


Hike the Tongariro Crossing in winter


See the plains and deserts of Mongolia

Have a Pint at the Cavern Club

Have a pint at the Cavern Club

Boating on a Glacier Lake

Go boating on a glacier lake

Lava Surface Flow in the Moonlight by Bill Shupp, on Flickr

See an active volcano

Inside the Hobbit Hole by Trey Ratcliff, on Flickr

Visit Hobbiton

Roadtrip Tasmania

Roadtrip (all of) Tasmania

Go Roadtripping in the Rockies

Go Roadtripping in the Rockies

Uluru Pink Sunset on Flickr, by Mark Wassell

See Uluru

All photos on this page are either from the Flickr Creative Commons or are my own. When I tick an item off the list, I will replace it with my own image. Credits for the photos are as follows:

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