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Photo of the Week: The Sydney Harbour Bridge at Night

The Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, as seen from near Campbell's Cove.

I have a thing for taking photos of bridges at night. I don’t know why — I’ve never been particularly fascinated with how bridges are constructed (although it might have been easier to choose a major at uni if I was). It just seems like since I’ve taken up night photography, I’ve been attracted to bridges. I have heaps of photos of the Story Bridge in Brisbane, the Bay Bridge & the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Westminster Bridge in London, all taken at night and lit up with shining lights.

One bridge I’d never been able to take photos of at night was the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Harbour Bridge always leaves me in awe; no matter how many times I see it, I still stop and stare when it first comes into sight. On planes, I strain my neck trying to get an overhead view of the iconic bridge and the beautiful harbour it crosses. I marvel at how friggin’ huge it is compared to the Story Bridge. But somehow I had never set up a tripod and captured it lit up in all its glory.

On the night before Blogopolis, I went to Circular Quay and finally got those photos (as well as photos of the Opera House and the Sydney skyline). I found myself taking many more photos of the bridge than anything else, and I even spent quite a long time trying to pose my Danbo figurine in front of the bridge (which was the cause of some very interesting conversations). I was happy with my final photos, but I definitely wouldn’t pass up a chance to go back and take more!

A nice place for Friday drinks.The Danbo Harbour BridgeAbove the Opera BarReflections of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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