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Photo of the Week: The Ghosts of Tourists Past

The Ghosts of Tourists Past

Ghostly figures taking happy snaps of one another in front of the Opera House.

On Friday night, I was stoked that I finally had an evening in Sydney with absolutely nothing planned. On every previous trip to the city, I’ve been with people or otherwise have had plans that have stopped me from going out with a camera and a tripod. That’s meant that I’ve never gotten the photos of Sydney’s night lights that I’ve always wanted.

The night worked out exactly as I wanted. I was able to wander around Circular Quay to my heart’s content, taking photos of the Opera House, the city skyline, and the Harbour Bridge as I went. I ended up with a lot more photos of the Harbour Bridge than anything else — probably due to my fascination with bridges in general — so they will be featured in next week’s photo of the week.

I really liked the long exposure shot I got of the Opera House above. Sometimes ghostly figures can be distracting in photos, but I thought they really worked here. To me it shows a day in the life of the Opera House. Some people were sitting down after having walked a long way, taking advantage of the fact that these seats offered a very good view. Others were posing, recording the moment in time when they got to stand in front of one of the icons of Australia. Some were taking a stroll after a dinner date at one of the many restaurants lining the Quay. In short, it is a place that is always full of life, no matter what time of day or night you happen to stop by.

Here are a few other photos of the Opera House (and the city) from Friday evening:

The Opera HouseSydney from Circular QuayThe Opera BarOpera House Reflections

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