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Photo of the Week: Finally Seeing the Northern Lights in Porjus

Stripes Across the Sky

Stripes of northern lights appear in the Porjus night sky.

As many of you know, my short trip to Lapland last year was the inspiration for my ‘Texan in Lapland’ tour around Scandinavia this year. On that trip, I stayed in the Porjus Northern Lights Apartments for three nights, hoping that the long nights of January would give me extra time to see the aurora dance across the sky. Sadly, that wasn’t to be the case. I set my alarm all through the night on all three nights with the blind hope that the thick clouds would clear and give me a glimpse of green, but it never happened.

Luckily, this year was different. I scheduled a few days in Porjus so I could have a bit of downtime heading into the last week of my trip, but also because I was hoping I would finally see the northern lights there. As luck would have it, they appeared nearly as soon as dusk settled, visibly dancing across the brightly moonlit sky. Although there was a brighter stripe of green to the west, I was pulled towards this view, fascinated by the strange stripes in the sky.

The other guest that night was a bit disappointed that the aurora was so dim — there was no helping that since the moon was so bright — but I was excited. I had finally accomplished the goal that I set out last year to achieve. Plus, it was the aurora. No matter how cold the weather I have to stand in to watch it, it never gets old seeing its colours and shapes morph as they streaks across the sky.

Here are a few other photos from that night:

Northern Lights Over Porjus Station HouseThe Northern Lights Light Up the SkySpots of Lights All Over the SkyLooking Northwest

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2 Responses to Photo of the Week: Finally Seeing the Northern Lights in Porjus

  1. angela hudson March 28, 2013 at 9:24 pm Reply

    wow kristin thats amazing, ive been avidly following your blog! its good to see you were back in porjus again, no doubt been incredibly well looked after by tricia, great photos x

    • Kristin April 2, 2013 at 6:52 pm Reply

      Hi Angela — thanks so much for following my blog! I was definitely well looked after by Tricia, and it was a very needed day of relaxation after a few weeks of great but exhausting fun in Lapland. It would have felt wrong to go back to Lapland and not go to Porjus!

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