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Photo of the Week: Catnapping in Old San Juan

Catnapping in Old San Juan

This cat was obviously exhausted from the rigors of the day. Either that, or the humidity was all too much for him.

Old San Juan in June is an incredibly humid place. Even though we had expected the sticky heat and dressed accordingly, my friends and I were still sweating buckets as we walked along the cobblestone streets. Even after having copious piraguas — snow cones — from a friendly vendor outside El Morro fort, we were still having trouble staying hydrated…so I can’t imagine what it would have been like had I been wearing a thick fur coat!

This poor cat had to do just that. Rather than taking shelter in the shade of some cars like many other cats had, this one was out in the open. Clearly his loyalty to his food had cost him dearly energy-wise because he didn’t budge as we walked up to him and took photos (although nobody was game enough to try patting him).

Then again, I have to wonder if he was really such a poor cat…after all, he gets to see the brilliant colours of Old San Juan every day!

The Colourful Buildings of Old San JuanThe Cobblestone Streets of Old San JuanThe Streets of Old San JuanThe Cobblestone Streets of Old San JuanA Little Bit of Shade

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