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My dad lived here for two years, which provided a great stopover on my way to England! Aside from those weekends, we had an awesome family Christmas here in 2010, when we pigged out on amazing Singaporean food and found out (at the top of Marina Bay Sands) that my mom is still afraid of heights.

Where Did I Go In 2011?

My 2011 would not have been considered a very busy travel year for a full-time traveller, but it was a busy travel year for me since I did it all in my allotted leave from a full-time job. That’s yet another upside of living in Australia: it’s legally required that we get 4 weeks of…

Celebrating Christmas in Singapore

When I hopped on a plane to Singapore last Christmas, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was heading to a country where the main religion is not Christianity and whose weather is only ever described as hot and humid. Surely, Christmas here would not be in any way like a northern hemisphere Christmas. In…

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