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When I first visited France as a 7-year-old, I was introduced to the French national pastime of striking. Luckily, on my second visit 21 years later, I was able to experience a bit more of what the country and its famous capital have to offer.

Roland Garros: 5 Tips for Enjoying a Day at the French Open

The two days I spent at Roland Garros (the French Open) in 2013 were momentous for me. As someone who picked up tennis at a young age and has watched the game on TV for as long as she can remember, I couldn’t believe that I was finally in watching a ball being batted around…

Photo of the Week: Sideways Paris

Paris. It’s a gorgeous city that lends itself perfectly to being photographed from any angle. While I have a lot of “normal” photos of the city at the angle it’s usually seen from, some of my favourites are the ones I shot at weird slants like the one above of the Rue de Rivoli. Right…

Photo of the Week: The Louvre in Monochrome

I suppose it’s cliché to say that Paris is a city that lends itself well to black and white, but it’s so very true. From the moment I stepped out of Gare du Nord onto a street full of ornate buildings, neon signs for creperies, and the most uncourteous drivers I’ve ever seen, I was…

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