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Photo of the Week: Breaking the Ice in Reine


Cruising through the icy harbour in Reine on a beautiful winter's morning.

When I arrived in Bodø for the ferry across to the Lofoten Islands, I didn’t hold out much hope for the next day’s weather. The plane’s landing was rough because of strong winds, and by the time the ferry departed, snow was falling heavily. Imagine my surprise, then, when I woke up to this…and imagine how much more surprised I was to hear that none of that snow had been there the morning before! Apparently, it had poured with rain for the week before I arrived, which washed all the snow away. The snowstorm that I passed through dumped all of the snow in this picture and turned Reinefjord back into a winter wonderland, which is exactly what I came to Lapland to see!

The downside of that snowstorm is that the temperatures dropped with it, causing some of Reine’s harbours to freeze over. While pretty, it also made me even more nervous to be sitting in a boat, fully kitted out in thermals and a dry suit, ready to jump in for a winter snorkelling trip. I didn’t have anything to worry about though — it was so much fun and I wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought I would be!

Here are a few other photos from our cruise out of the fjord:

Blue Skies Over ReinefjordSunny Morning in ReineThe Bridge Over Reinefjord

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